Friday, December 29, 2017

Alcazar : The cultural cabaret of Pattaya

One of the most attractive and famous shows in the city of Pattaya is 'Alcazar'.  Pattaya is a city that is widely known for its colourful night life.

Alcazar Co., Ltd., or broadly known as Alcazar Cabaret, was established on November 8th, 1981. Originally, with about 100 performers and staff, the former Alcazar's theatre had a capacity of only 350 seats which were not enough to welcome domestic and foreign visitors.

Nowadays, "Alcazar" is globally famous with the reputation of the best cabaret show in Thailand.

We were roaming around the streets of Pattaya and a small random thought of witnessing the spectacular show of 'Alcazar' flashed in my mind and we made this a plan. Subsequently, we hired a tuk-tuk from the Walking street and directly headed towards the 'Alcazar' arena.

Once we entered the hall, we were given a glass of cool drink as a welcome gesture by the Alcazar staff.

We were glued to the seats for the next one hour or so, to watch the grandeur of this majestic cabaret.

If you want to see a great show filled with grand costumes , lighting and sound effects, then visit the Alcazar show.

Extravagant costumes, convincingly stunning ladyboys, spectacular stage sets are all part of a grander show that delights you with non-stop fantastic entertainment.

The costumes are really magical and the artists are exuberant in their art skills. It is really worth to see this show if you are in Pattaya.

Alcazar Cabaret can successfully blend the art of acting, stage design, costumes & the sequence of the shows so well to be impressed by every one of all ages. So Alcazar is a must to visit for both local & foreign visitors. Don't miss it ever!

Aided with some top-notch technology and surround-sound systems, it is a perfect way to spend an evening out with family to watch some brilliant performances reflective of not jus Thailand, but other Asian cultures as well.

With four shows every evening, the Alcazar venue also has a Thai restaurant, cafe and a souvenir shop. 

From the Russian stage to Pop to Persian to Indian and even outer space, there are different themes in their act. Whether you are in for the beautiful ‘ladies’ or the show, you’ll get your money worth at Alcazar.

For your Information :

1) Entry Ticket starts from 600 THB
2) Alcazar venue can be reached by tuk-tuks (10 THB per person), cabs etc.,
3) Eatables are available 
4) Photography is allowed, but no flash
5) You can get a photograph with these artists at a cost of 100 THB per person per artist

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