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Hello friends,
As monsoons had approached, it was a visual treat to visit Western ghats.
We had planned to visit Dudhsagar falls,  Belgaum and then visit Gokak and Godachinmalki waterfalls'.
So, we boarded Rani Chennamma express from Bangalore, which departs at 9.15pm  on August 27th,2010 ,. We arrived at Londa around 7.30AM the next day. This place is almost near the border of Karnataka and Goa. Then we boarded the Chennai-Vasco express which passes through Londa

The Team :

 (left to right)
 Mr. H Satish
 Mr. Arfan Asif
 Mr. Prakash

    This trek is really a very beautiful one, you feel as if you are walking in heaven. For that matter any treks in Western ghats give the same feeling.
    This trek is not a hard one, while trekking one has to cross 3 tunnels on foot to watch the eternal beauty of the waterfall. If you are a photographer, you will be confused what to shoot. As there are a number of options for photography.
    You can do pictorial , nature and lots more. Dudhsagar station is a very small one, it does not even have lodging facilities, if you want to stay there for a long time Food items have to be carried as there are no hotels there.
    While travelling from the station, you can see the old Dudhsagar railway station which is now ruined. Mosses have grown on the walls .
    While trekking, you get to see many endemic birds and butterflies of western ghats. 

    Trekking through the tunnel continues :

    Walking through the tunnel, gives a great feeling. We have to look out for bats and other creatures such as snakes and small reptiles. 

    Carrying a torch is Safe and Secure

    While trekking, it rained heavily. The above picture was the first glimpse of the falls

    Dudhsagar Waterfalls : 

    Location of the fall
    The Dudhsagar Falls is located in the eastern border of Goa and Karnataka, 60 Km from Margoa,which is in South Goa.
    The Fall
    Believed to be among the top Waterfalls in India, The Dudhsagar falls measures a grand 600 meters from head to foot falling at a height of about 2000 feet down the cliff into the forests of the Western Ghats.The headwaters of the Mandovi River cuts across the Deccan Plateau and breaks into three streams that pours down, in the face of the vertical cliff. The Konkani name for the falls mean 'sea of milk' when translated, because of the clouds of foam that rises up at the bottom when the water levels are at their best. The sight of the Falls which looks like a stream of milk flowing along the mountainsides is out of this world and in the magical lights of the dawn it looks even more enchanting.
    Best time to visit
    The perfect season to take the breathtaking view of the falls and soak in it's beauty is the Monsoon when the falls become alive. However it is best to visit it immediately after the Monsoons from October to Mid December as the road is often inaccessible in the monsoon.
    Reaching the falls

    • The falls are easily reached through a 2 hour long train journey from Margoa or Vasco..The train leaves from Vasco Railway Stations at 6.40 a.m, arriving at Margaon at 7.25 a.m.It halts at Sanvordem, and Colem stations, before reaching Dudhsagar at 9.15 am .
    • A number of private operators tender special trips to the Waterfalls while the GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) operated tours also have Dudhsagar Waterfalls as one of the tour 
    • By road the best way to get to the falls is by a four wheel jeep drive from the railway junction village of Colem. But this path is recommended only between January and May when the level of the water allows the jeep to reach the base of the falls.
    • The nearest interstate bus station is at Ponda, the KTC bus station. Buses and taxis are also available from Panaji.
    What to do at the falls
    Now that you have at last reached this breathtaking destination in your vacation In Goa, you have a number of ways to spend the day in fun and frolic. The place around the falls offers an attractive location for picnic lovers providing a wonderful scenic view. The clear and refreshing waters of the pool at the bottom of the falls is the ideal place for those who love to swim.For the adventure seekers, you should never leave without one trek through the wilderness to catch the mind blowing view of the Dudhsagar falls from the above. It's a tough climb but worth the view.
    Places to Stay
    There aren't many places for halt near the falls except a Forest rest-house, owned by KTDC.But Visitors can stay at Margoa and plan a one day trip to Dudhsagar Falls.

    Dudhsagar Waterfalls

    Wild orchid seen near the falls

    After trekking another 1.5 kms from the bridge, you get to see this Point of View :                                                     

    Dudhsagar during monsoons

    There are lot of monkeys in the valley.
    You can find plenty of them near the bridge. There is an old guest house, and it also hosts many of these gentle creatures.

    I'm hungry
    western ghats
    Sunflower closeup

    Train moving through the valley

    We came back to Belgaum after visiting this majestic waterfalls. While returning we could shoot some landscapes.
    Next morning, after having breakfast, we  left for Gokak falls which is about 65 kms from Belgaum.
    On the way, we shot few pictures of Sunflowers as there are sunflower fields near Belgaum.

    Goddess Mahalakshmi

    The famous temple of Goddess Lakshmi. They say that if you believe her ,whatever wish you have will be fulfilled.           This goddess is also the graama devatha.

    Then we moved towards Gokak Falls.
    The Gokak Falls is a waterfall located on the Ghataprabha River in Belgaum district of Karnataka, India. The waterfall is six kilometers away from Gokak, a nearby town.
    Gokak Falls -
    After a long winding course, the Ghataprabha river takes a leap of 52 metres (171 ft) over the sand-stone cliff amidst a picturesque gorge of the rugged valley, resembling Niagara Falls on a smaller scale. The waterfall is horse shoe shaped at the crest, with a flood breadth of 177 metres (581 ft). During rainy season, the thick reddish brown water sweeps far over the brink of the cliff with a dull roar that can be heard from some distance. There is a hanging bridge across the river, measuring about 201 metres (659 ft). Its height above the rock bed is 14 metres (46 ft).
    One of the interesting features of this place are the monuments from the Chalukya era that are present on either banks of the rocky gorge.
    There is an old electricity generation station which used to generate electricity during 1880s. A ropeway connects the power station to the cliff top.
    July to September is the best season to visit the place. The Gokak Falls can be developed into a fine tourist attraction.
    Nearest Railway Junction
    Miraj - All express and superfast trains stop at Miraj station. You can then take another train from Miraj which halts at Gokak or Ghataprabha stations.Belgaum - 65kms from Gokak falls

    Gokak Road - only few trains stop here
    Ghataprabha - few express trains stop here
    It is recommended that passengers get down at Miraj junction and then take another train from Miraj which stops at Gokak or Ghataprabha stations. Or people can alight at Belgaum and take a taxi or a bus

    Gokak falls during monsoons. 
    Courtesy : Wikipedia

    It is a very famous waterfalls, it is a shorter version of Niagara falls during monsoons. Now it has been dried up , you can see very less water as in the picture.

         Then we moved towards Godachinmalki waterfalls which is around 20kms from Gokak.
     The Godachinmalki falls, also known as Markandeya falls, is located in a rugged valley, which is approachable from      Godachinmalki village by walking through an irregular forest route for about 2.5 kilometers. It can also be reached from Nirvaneshwara Matha near Yogikolla, only by foot. Another route is from Pachhapur via Mawanur, which is about 6 kilometers. Presently this water fall is not easily accessible.
    There are actually two falls formed here. The Markandeya river takes a first fall from a height of about 25 metres and flows into a rocky valley. After a short distance from the rocky valley, it takes the second fall from a height of about 18 metres. Later Markandeya river joins Ghataprabha river near Ghodgeri. Within the 6 km of radious there 2 Dams one built on ghataprabha river(hidkal dam)and one Markandeya river. The best time to visit these places is from June to September

                                          This was the last destination of our trip.

    Thank You

    Photography: Arjun Haarith



    1. Awesome pics. Very informative. Beautiful narration. Creative description of your experience.

    2. A veritable picture journey through this fantastic location on the Western Ghats, Arjun.
      A+ for this great project! :)

    3. Lovely pictures and very informative

    4. hi arjun,

      superb pictures and ofcourse there is lot of information to reach the place easitly without any hassles. Awesome pic and superb photography

    5. Very informative and pictersque journey you have taken us in your blog of the falls, well done Arjun. I missed this trip...:(

    6. very informative and beautiful pictures

    7. gr8 one....tempted to visit the place..just wondering why didn't we plan this earlier..awesome description hats off

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    11. I enjoyed reading your article while reading.Great blog. I was hoping I could publish something on your site with different places. Ur photography are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Ur trip experience will be useful to who are planning to that places. Know more information about " " for enjoying the holidays.

    12. can we stay at Forest Rest House at Dudhsagar Falls maintained by KTDC.. How and charges...

    13. Hi..It was nice reading your blog spot. Located in Belgaum, Gokak is a pristine and majestic waterfall and a great place for a full day fun and frolic. While exploring the city, you can book your stay at these hotels in Belgaum which will further take away your worries associated with accommodation.

    14. My visit to Dudhsagar waterfalls – Goa

    15. Nice post on Dudhsagar falls, Belgaum . It is one of the popular places to visit in Belgaum. The city served as a major military installation for the British Raj and the Indian government continues to have its military installation there. It is a popular historic tourist destination.


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