Friday, May 10, 2019

Chao Phraya Dinner cruise : An evening in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most beautiful cities and its nightlife is what attracts more tourists. The magnificent malls, enthusiastic tourists, vibrant vistas and everything about this city makes one exhilarating.

Among the many attractions of the city,  dinner cruise in the Chao Phraya river is what many people crave for. 
Not only you get to savour the delicious dinner, but you can also visually savour the fascinating architectures of the city.

Chaophraya Cruise

The Chaophraya Cruise consists of two decks, the lower deck is the air-conditioning room, the upper deck is the open-air. The Cruise’s interior is vividly pronounced over distinct Thai Style. They are convenient, glamorous and decorated with Thai Style embracing your dinner cruise experience at its best.

Once you are onboard, you get to see the following memorials on your right hand side.

1. Sheraton Hotel 

Sheraton Hotel

2. Memorial Bridge
3. Wat Pho

4. Grand Palace

Grand Palace

5. Thammasat University

6. Rama VIII Bridge 

Rama VIII Bridge

The cruise then makes a 'U' turn beneath the bridge and then heads back towards the Pier. While heading back, you can see the following monuments on your right hand side.

7. Wat Arun

Wat Arun

8. Wat Kanlaya
9. Hilton Hotel
10. Peninsula Hotel

Peninsula hotel

11. Asiatique


Asiatique mall would be the last thing on your plate before the dinner cruise ends at the Sheraton Hotel river Pier. This marks the end of a 2 hour magical journey.

Highlights of the dinner cruise :

1) You get to see the beautiful city of Bangkok
2) The dinner is delicious 
3) You can dance to the tunes of Bollywood numbers performed by the live orchestra inhouse 
4) The upper deck offers a different perspective of the city.
5) Alcohol is served in the cruise (at extra cost)

1) If you are there on a weekend, then expect lot of tourists. 
2) Due to large influx of tourists, it is not well organized, and you can see people shouting and rushing during the entry/exit.

Altogether it is a different experience, and I would recommend you to relish this experience if you are in Bangkok.

Tips for tourists

1. Reach early to avoid last minute rush.
2. Entry tickets can be obtained online 
3. Many travel companies have this program in their packages. If not, you can get it added.
4. Respect the local culture, and help in preserving the beauty of the city.

Thank You 

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