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Benefits of trekking with a small group

Imagine a classroom filled with 100 students. It becomes more noisier and the controlling mechanism becomes more challenging. The same is with a big group in treks. It is difficult to give individual attention, and finally becomes a crowded fair in the high altitudes.
This is where the Small Group Eco Treks come into picture.

This is a guest article for an organization called Summiters Adventures, which is one of the most recognized and reputed company in the field of outdoor activities like Trekking , Mountaineering , Hiking and Camping. 

Here goes a brief intro about Summiters :

About Summiters Adventures

"     Summiters AdventuresTM is a One-Stop Adventure Solutions company. They are service-providers, suppliers, advisors, consultants, well-wishers, friends, hobby-partners - All fused into one - in the Adventure and Tourism domain in India. 
      Backed and promoted by a team of passionate nature-lovers and ardent adventure-junkies, our cumulative domain experience encompasses more than 75 adventure years in time covering The Himalayas in the north, The western ghats down south, The jungles of Nagaland in the far east and the deserts of Rajasthan in the west. 

     They firmly believe that the want for adventure is innate to humanity that's gone unexplored in the work-ridden and schedules-driven modern times. They strive to instill the spirit of adventure into one and all while providing quality services, making your thirst for thrill - safe, affordable, recurrent and indulgent "

Why Summiters

Panorama of the mighty mountains - Vishwanath (Summiters)
Trekking is their core competency:  Bread butter and passion, all in one. Their areas of action are as wide as India would permit: Starting from the green western ghats of Kerala and Karnataka unto the snow capped mountains of Uttarakhand and beyond. From the exotic green forests of Assam merging into the Himalayas of the exotic Arunachal Pradesh unto the deserts of Rajasthan - They've seen it all, been there and done that.
The Summiters trekking experience as we know has a few significant differentiators:
The Right Recipe, They believe treks should be a healthy combination of pre-conceived plans and of-the-moment spurs. They strike the right balance between the exciting thrilling amount of uncertainty pleasantly cocktailed with on-schedule milestones. Treks with them are assured to be neither the predictably boring sort or the unreasonably volatile ones.
Safety is a top priority, Their supervisors are trained and certified for crisis scenarios. They believe their accompaniment goes a long way in reducing risks that come with trekking - be it the wild western ghats or the cold altitudes of the Himalayas.
Choice of trails: Apart from familiar and popular circuits, they offer exotic trails all over India that we're sure aren't trodden enough before.
One-stop hassle-free, They suggest, recommend and supply adventure gear at budget prices apt for your trekking expeditions. You'll never face the problem of being asked to find your own vendor for your shoes or rucksacks next time you intend to head on a trek.
Fun filled, Last but not least, they believe trekking should be fun and not suicidal. They go a long way to make your trekking pleasing and bearable with quality of service which are the best in the industry. Their treks are eco-centric and aimed towards breeding the spirit of adventure in harmony with nature.
Focusing on Small group , unlike many other trek organizers , Summiters would always prefer to take a small but enthusiastic team to the treks. This ensures the team gets maximum exposure to mother nature. This avoids the crowd like atmosphere in such a serene place.
This helps people to spend more time in nature, so that they can enjoy it more than ever.
Photographers DelightSince photography is all about making memories, the organizers give sufficient time to the trekkers. This enables the photo trekkers to capture every scene and moment that makes the trip more memorable and exciting.

Follow this link for more information about the next trek details : Roopkund through summiters

Bedni Bugyal - Photo credit - Vishwanath (Summiters)

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