Monday, November 21, 2011

Mesmerizing Mumbai

Hello friends,

I had been to Mumbai after a very long time. This time not with family, but with colleagues. We were sent for a training to our Mumbai office. Also for a change I did not take my camera :)
The team:
1. Shimsha
2. Namitha
3. Maanasa
4. Chiranjivi
5. Yours Faithfully (Arjun )

The HR Manager  came to us and spoke about the technology that we were supposed to learn. As a result, the 5 of us were told about the training that was to be held at Mumbai. We were enthralled after hearing the news. The training was supposed to be held from 24th October to 10th November, 2011. So , we left Bangalore on 23rd October. We all were busy packing the previous day. Finally on the day of travel , I got up very early. Usually , I get up late :) , started roaming around the house, ensured everything was packed. Loads of messages and calls were arriving to my phone with best wishes from my family and friends.
The flight was booked , and the departure time was 12.30 PM. We were at the airport early. All of us met at a discussed point. The families of most of us had come to the airport to wish us. After taking all their best wishes, we entered the airport for our boarding pass. After that(security check), we were waiting for 12.30 PM to arrive soon, as it was a new experience for most of us. Most of us, travelled for the first time in an airplane.
Bengaluru - Mumbai : GO Airlines

Mumbai as seen from the plane during landing

At around 2pm, we landed at the Mumbai Airport. They gave us a warm welcome to Mumbai. Warm because it was 38C :)

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