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Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

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" A weekend Getaway - Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta  "

I did the GHNP trek way back in August. After a very long gap of two months, my legs began to itch. Well, its not because of leeches. But, its for longing to go for a trek. 

So after a lot of permutations and combinations, I selected few places and finalized on one place.

We were supposed to trek "Bandalli Durga"  and had planned everything accordingly. But the previous day, I read somewhere, that we need permissions to trek to this place. Well I am not sure how true is this.

And at the last moment, getting permissions and arranging a transport became difficult. Hence the plan to trek Bandalli Durga got cancelled. 
Eventually 2 of my trekking friends (Sri Vatsa and Bhargav) Gave Hands at the last moment :)

So only three of us (Karthik , Thammaiah and Myself) decided to continue with the trekking plan. We were ready with all the required items, but the place was not decided yet. Many ideas came to mind, but got cancelled due to many reasons.

Later on, my friend Ramnath Kamath suggested me this place. Thanks Buddy !!!

The plan (Saturday , 19-10-2013) :
11.00 AM : Depart from Bangalore
2.00 PM : Reach the place and Start trek
4.00 PM : Trek to the summit
5.00 PM : Relax and pitch the tent

But due to sudden/unexpected work , I had to stay till 1.30 PM in the office. We left Bangalore by 2.00 PM

We went in our own bikes. Tammy bought his Deo and I took my bike (Twister). On the way, Karthik joined us.
Finally after all the hassles, we were out of Bangalore City Limits by 2.45 PM. Now this became too late than we thought.

On the way, we had lunch at a Dhaba in Kanakpura road. Though the food was not good, our hunger made it tasty.

Reached Harohalli, and took the left that goes to Maralwadi. After going around 3-4 kms, locals there suggested us to take a different route since that road was bad.

So we again came back to Harohalli and planned to take the route which they suggested. "But this route was also not good" told another villager.
Well, this was becoming like a film climax :)

One guy suggested that we go to Kanakpura and then go forward. So, we headed towards Kanakpura. By now, it was 5 PM. 
We could see a thick black cloud following us. We were sure that we were going to drench in the rain before going to BR betta.

Any villager whom we asked for the route, advised us not to go there since the place is infested with lots of elephants. 
Not even a single guy gave a positive answer :)
Since it was getting dark, we discarded the plan of trekking and thought of going to the hill top in the bike itself. 
Till the base of the hill, the roads are very good. From there on, the fun of riding starts.

The fun of riding : This was all together a different experience for all of us, since we had never ever rode a bike in such a terrain. Its completely a tailor made terrain for a Gypsy 4x4 , Bolero or a Bullet.

Once we started climbing up, felt pity on the bikes. We could also see fresh elephant dung on the way which was a thrilling experience.

Somehow, reached the top of the hill by 6.30 PM. It was almost dark and could see lightning flashing and hear the sound of thunder.

Pitched the tent and we went in. Alas, after 5 mins it rained so heavily that we could not hear anything except the rain and thunder. Went inside the tent just in time. Indeed Lucky !!!

It Rained heavily till morning. 

Meanwhile Tammy and Karthik had brought eatables which were enough for 2 days :), but due to all the hardships we faced, the food was over within next day.

The night was thrilling, since it was raining continuously and the winds were blowing the tent. But the tent was strong enough :)

Apart from that many unusual sounds made us to stay awake for a long time, especially Karthik :) 

The next morning :

We collected few fire woods and started making the camp fire. Tammy was the one who took a lot of trouble and finally succeeded in making the camp fire. Karthik also helped him in this.

Finally the camp fire was ready, and we made Maggi and Coffee which was " Out of the World. "

Tammy and Karthik

Temple and the tent - Valley covered with mist

The temple covered in Mist

Trekking towards the peak

A small house at the hill top


Guys enjoying the view

The previous mid night, another group of trekkers from Bangalore had come to the top. 

Srikanth and Group

The only Elephant that we saw :)

 The Peak as seen from a far distance

We collected most of the plastic papers and bottles that were thrown around at the top, by some of the "Uncivilized Trekkers and Uncultured People" and brought them back down and disposed it.

How to Go :

1. Go Towards Kanakapura via Banashankari , Harohalli .
2. Once you reach Kanakapura, Take left towards Arkavathi bridge and go forward
3. Ask locals (Best and safe way)

Tips :

1. Take some eatables and water with you since nothing is available there
2. If you are planning to camp there, make sure you take a good tent or a Sleeping bag.
3. It is very risky to take Deo or Similar vehicles, since the road is very bad.
4. Please do not take any alcohol or things like that. Remember its a temple premises.
5. Do not leave any plastics,bottles and anything there. Bring it along with you back down and dispose it.
6. It is you the one, who has to protect nature.


  1. wonderful arjun, i was scared about elephant encounter. good blog

  2. This is the most beautiful and splendid work I have ever seen........Great Arjun...hats off to you....Love this work and you. And yes thanks a lot for info....

  3. loved reading your blog. Keeping winning..

  4. Very nicely written and expressed. Planning to go to BR hills soon. The pics of your friends look great.


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